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5 Important Keys for Preparing for a Healthy & Happy Retirement


Preparing your finances beforehand and ensuring your health is taken care of are two of the best ways to give yourself a happier retirement. But what else can you do?

1. Map Out What You Want in Retirement

As you approach your retirement, start thinking about how you want to spend your days. Do you want to travel as much as you possibly can, or do you prefer to work on some dream projects? Think about what will make you feel fulfilled and happy when deciding how you want to spend your new-found days of freedom.

Always talk openly with your spouse or partner about what you both want to do during your retirement years. Sharing ideas and wishes about retirement is a great way to coordinate how you both can spend time with each other. Write your thoughts down and go over what you both really want, what can wait, and what is not as crucial to a happy retirement. 

2. Experiences Over Material Goods

Buying the latest piece of technology or an expensive article of clothing are examples of how spending money can give you a short-term feeling of happiness. Don't always spend your time and money buying new things now that you are retired. Instead, go out and schedule time out with friends and family each week or month. If you always wanted to try a new hobby, retirement is the time to do that. Spend some time and money on pursuing a goal and you will not only lead a happier and more exciting retirement, but you will be investing in yourself.  

3. Wait...a Part-time Job?

Yes, there is value to working again after you retire. It's understood that retirement is a time to take it easy and enjoy life, but having a part-time job during this time can be both physically and financially satisfying.

You definitely need to take some time to enjoy yourself during this period, but a part-time job will add some structure to your new way of life. This structure will allow you to keep your mind in good shape and give you more opportunities to socialize out in the world while also making a little extra money.

4. Visiting Family and Friends

Loneliness is very common in retirement, so it's very important to make time to see your friends and family on a regular basis. Visit your loved ones often, and do what you can to become a bigger part of both your children's and grandchildren's lives. Schedule a time to meet with your closest friends, whether it be once a week or month. Going to a local coffee shop to catch up, or take a class together.

5. Stay Active and Healthy

If you are able to, consider pursuing some exercise routines or other forms of physical activities as it will help you feel better during retirement. It's typically recommended to that you exercise at least three times a week for an hour each time. To begin, put a plan in place to ensure you are exercising, eating well, and getting enough sleep.

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